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Search and Rescue

Blizzard Survival products are now being deployed across a number of search and rescue services throughout the UK and other parts of the world. From RAF mountain rescue teams to other specialist units called upon to attend earthquake stricken areas Blizzard products are acknowledged for their ease of storage, transport and delivery, and effectiveness in the treatment & prevention of hypothermia while evacuating casualties.

Search and Rescue Flies Lighter With Blizzard

All Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter flights in the UK, Cyprus and the Falklands have replaced conventional sleeping bags with Blizzard Survival Bags to save weight and space – and provide better casualty care.

Aircraft previously carried two A Packs, each of which included four sleeping bags and weighed around 70lbs, with a volume of 100 litres each. These have been replaced by four Blizzard Survival Bags, which weigh a total of around 2 kgs (4.5lbs) with a packed size of around 4 litres. Squadron Leader Sam McDonagh of the UK SAR standards and evaluations team said: “The 132lb saving in weight and bulk has significantly increased the capability of each aircraft to carry more fuel and equipment.

Better By Design

“Blizzard Survival Bags are a big improvement on previous kit in terms of thermal/weather performance, ease of deployment and portability. Winchmen can carry them easily when they go into casualty situations - and if they both get stranded, the winchman and casualty can fit in one bag.”


The bags are being deployed by around 30 aircraft, including six RAF UK flights, two Navy flights, four Coastguard aircraft, plus flights based in Cyprus and the Falklands. RAF SAR teams alone were called out 2600 times last year, saving hundreds of lives.

All Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter flights in the UK, Cyprus and the Falklands have replaced conventional sleeping bags with Blizzard Survival Bags to save weight and space – and provide better casualty care.

RAF Mountain Rescue’s New CASWRAP System

The RAF Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) has developed a new system to treat and prevent hypothermia while evacuating casualties. Called CASWRAP, it is now being used by all personnel in the UK. Instead of stripping wet clothes from casualties, teams are now trained to wrap them immediately in a Blizzard Survival Bag or Blanket.

More Insulation

They cover this with a conventional sleeping bag for more insulation, then add a second Blizzard Survival Bag or Blanket as an outer layer. When a conventional bag is added as an intermediate layer, even casualties who are soaked warm up rapidly and are fully protected from wind and rain.


Blizzard Survival Bag

The Blizzard Survival Bag is a full-sized sleeping bag in a pack the size of a video cassette, providing total warmth and shelter - anywhere, at any time. Made with Reflexcell™, it is the new standard in thermal performance.

Blizzard Survival Blanket

Large survival blanket with self adhesive closure. Superior Reflexcell™ performance and practicality compared to conventional foil-type 'space' blankets. It provides total warmth and weather protection, can easily be re-opened.

Blizzard Survival Blanket Small

A scaled down version of the hugely-successful Survival Blanket. This simpler version is made from the same high-performing Reflexcell™ material. To reduce the packed size the width is narrower and there is no self-adhesive closure.

Blizzard Survival Jacket

The Blizzard Survival Jacket is a unique garment with a tiny packed size. This unique, life-saving Reflexcell™ jacket is a must-have for every emergency kit. This thigh-length, sleeveless body warmer with a hood also allows 100% mobility.

Blizzard Survival Tube

The Blizzard Survival Tube is a double sleeping bag, providing instant warmth for up to two people. Made of Reflexcell™ material, it has a draw cord at both ends enabling occupants to sleep side by side, or head to foot.

Blizzard Single Layer Foil Bag

The Blizzard version of the popular single film reflective bag. Handy for mild conditions, but the Blizzard Survival Bag made from Reflexcell™ will out perform it in most situations.

Blizzard Single Layer Foil Blanket

The Blizzard version of the ever-popular 'space blanket'. A handy and inexpensive piece of equipment, but is out-performed by our Reflexcell™ products, including the Blizzard Survival Blanket.

Blizzard Pouch

The Blizzard Pouch is designed to carry the Blizzard Survival Bag, ready for re-use, when it has been removed from its original vacuum pack. The Blizzard Pouch can be used with any Blizzard product except the Blizzard Survival Tube.


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