Saturday, February 11, 2012

Long Term Food Storage

If you are going to store food for long term use, make sure that the food you store is adequate for your families need. This may not be as easy as to achieve as many people think, because the facts are that most people make serious errors when storing food—errors that will come back to haunt them when the food they’ve stored is the only thing that stands between them and hunger. All of these emergency food problems can be avoided with freeze dried food for your long term food storage needs. Here are a few common mistakes people make when storing food for long term use and the ways they can be avoided
Food Variety: Most people don’t have enough variety in their long term food storage. We get tired of eating the same emergency foods over and over and many times prefer to not eat, then to eat that particular food again. This is called appetite fatigue and young children and older people are particularly susceptible to it. You can avoid this appetite fatigue by using our pre-selected one year freeze dried food packages. They have a great mixture of foods and supply all the basic needs. Variety is the key to a successful long term food storage program, or your emergency food needs. It is essential that you store freeze dried desserts, freeze dried vegetables, freeze dried breakfast entrees, freeze dried dinner entrees, and specialty items like cottage cheese, pilot crackers, and white rice. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Store freeze dried foods as well as home canned and “store bought” canned goods. Make sure you add cooking oil, shortening, baking powder, soda, yeast, and powdered eggs. You can’t cook even the most basic recipes without these items. Vitamins are important, especially if you have children, since children do not store body reserves of nutrients as adults do. A good quality multi-vitamin and vitamin C are the most vital. Others might be added as your budget permits. Be sure to keep all emergency food & vitamins in a cool storage location.
Quick and easy foods help you through times when you are physically unable to prepare your basic canned storage items. “No cook” foods such as freeze dried are wonderful since they require just adding water. “Psychological foods” are the goodies like Jell-O, hard candy, etc.—you should add to your long term food storage. These may sound minor, but many people who have lived entirely on their long term food storage for extended periods of time. Nearly all of them say these were the most helpful items in their storage to “normalize” their situations and make it more bearable. These are especially important if you have children. You must have a balanced emergency food supply. The Mountain House freeze dried food supplies many items that provide the balance in your long term food storage diet. When shopping for long term food storage items, do not buy a lot of just one item. It’s important to keep well-balanced as you build your storage. Buy several items, rather than a large quantity of one item. If something happens and you have to live on your present storage, you’ll much better off with a three month supply of a variety of food items than a year’s supply of two or three food items.
Containers: Always store your bulk foods in 5 gal. food storage containers. Tons of emergency food is thrown away because they were left in sacks, where they became susceptible to moisture, insects, and rodents. If you are using plastic buckets make sure they are lined with a food grade plastic liner. Never use trash can plastic bags. These are treated with pesticides and can make you ill. Don’t stack them too high. In an earthquake they may topple, the lids pop open, or they may crack. A best container is the #10 tin can which most preparedness companies use when they package their foods. Mountain House freeze dried food packed into the #10 can has a shelf life of 30 years.
Using your Stored Emergency Food: One of the biggest problems is people with long term food storage and not knowing what to do with it. It’s vital that you and your family become familiar with the emergency food you are storing. You need to know how to prepare these freeze dried foods. This is not something you want to have to learn under stress. Your family needs to be used to eating the complete mixture of emergency foods. It’s better to find out the mistakes you’ll make now while there’s still time to make corrections. It’s easy to take long term food storage and add the essentials that make it tasty, most of these essentials and treats can now be found packed in #10 cans. By adding just a few things, it greatly increases your options, and the prospect of your family surviving on it.

long term food storage with emergency food and freeze dried foodGlobal Currencies have been dropping steadily and civil unrest as well as food shortages have plagued many nations around the planet. Will you be ready if and when these events come knocking at your door? Preparing for uncertain times can be a daunting task and without a long term food storage of freeze dried food or emergency food on hand with a good water filter system. With so many choices and no idea where to start, it is easy to get discouraged and end up taking no action at all.
Five important areas that one must consider when beginning the continuation preparedness process are:
Freeze dried food for long term food storage or emergency food. The Jetboil cooking system. Mace and pepper spray for your safety. Water filter systems by Katadyn water filters. Goal 0 solar power systems to provide light and power. Without a firm plan in place that addresses these 5 basic areas, any other efforts at survival preparedness will likely not get you far. The world is changing rapidly and uncertainty is growing by the day, making preparedness essential for your survival. Without a long term food storage plan of freeze dried foods you have little chance to survive. Preparedness does not have to be done all at once, but it does have to start today.